Generally, the construction industry is more challenging than other industries due to: its unique nature; every project is one-of a kind; many conflicting parties are involved; projects are constrained by time, money and quality; and high risk.


Construction projects are like big puzzles, with many different pieces. And construction managers, site supervisors, quantity surveyors, property developers and architectural technicians are all key pieces of the puzzle. Without their contribution a project may not make it past the planning stage, let alone become a completed building.


At ESPCo, our in-depth knowledge in construction management helps manage projects for clients. Key areas we deliver on are:

  • Undertaking detailed planning and management of resources applied to construction projects.
  • Producing construction programmes, control and monitor construction activities
  • Reviewing construction programmmes to check activities’ logic and critical paths
  • Conducting risk analysis on project schedules to determine whether the project timelines are consistent with cashflow and can meet completion date
  • Checking lead times and overall procurement schedules