Engineering Services Provision Company Ltd. (ESPCo) is a consulting engineering firm incorporated in 2013. The company evolved from Strescon Engineering Consultancy Ltd. (SECL), a world-class structural engineering consulting firm, which is one of the pioneering structural engineering consulting firms in Ghana.

The concept of ESPCo came about as a result of the desire and dream of Ing. W. D. Albert Viala to see to the formation of a broad-based consulting engineering firm with international linkages, and a presence in various sectors, including the real estate, aviation, mining, transportation, energy, and oil & gas sectors.

In addition to Ing. Viala, the ESPCo team has other Directors with considerable local and international engineering experience in earthquake engineering, pavement and geotechnical engineering, airport engineering, industrial engineering, and environmental engineering, etc.

The ESPCo team of engineers also have special expertise in large, shallow and deep foundation design, machine foundation vibration analysis, liquefaction analysis, and nonlinear finite element analysis. ESPCo has entered into a joint venture agreement with The Nako Group of South Africa to provide the full complement of engineering services on large-scale projects.

One of ESPCo’s recent successful ventures was in the area of design review and construction supervision on the ongoing airport expansion projects by Ghana Airports Company Ltd. (GACL), for its nationwide aviation expansion programme.


To be the leading Civil/Structural Engineering Consultancy firm in Ghana and the rest of Africa.


To provide Engineering Solutions to our clients with Excellence and Integrity.


Design and construction supervision of:

  • All types of buildings and structures, including hotels, office complexes, hostels, markets and malls, garages, industrial structures (silos, warehouses, etc.)
  • All types of bridges – pedestrian, highway, and railway – and culverts.
  • All types of storm drainage structures
  • All types of roads including urban highways and feeder roads
  • Lorry parks and transport terminals
  • Water supply and treatment systems
  • Airport/aerodrome facilities

In addition, the company does work in the following areas:

  • Geotechnical site investigations
  • Structural integrity assessment
  • Topographical survey works and Geographic Information System applications
  • Community infrastructure upgrading studies
  • Groundwater and hydrogeological studies; e.g., seepage control, contaminant migration studies, etc.
  • Design of mine waste management systems including tailing’s dams, waste rock dumps, soil and water covers, etc.
  • Environmental and social impact assessment studies
  • Earthquake engineering analysis and design, including seismic strengthening and retrofitting studies
  • Noise and vibration analysis studies including machine-foundation design, building/structural vibration analysis, etc.
  • Advanced nonlinear/linear finite element/finite difference analysis